Give Your Ear a Rest

Author: Anax Entertainment Date: 12/11/18 

Ever feel like you've worn out your ears and everything starts to sound the same or just sound like gray noise?  Our ears can grow tired, and just like us, need some rest. 

Don't keep listening to your own music hour after hour, because as this continues, our mind begins to anticipate he entire song after hearing just a second of the track, and fill in gaps with what we want to hear, instead of what is actually there. 


We need to give ourselves a couple of hours to take a break and then we can get back to it. Go out for some fresh air, take a drive, whatever it is we choose to do, but most importantly we need to give our ears a break, not only from our music or tracks, but a break from noise altogether.

After the break, we can come back to the song with fresh ears and a renewed perspective, and we will hear with added clarity all the rough ad-libs and other parts we didn't catch on previous listening sessions #AnaxBlog #MusicTalk "Blockout the world and make awesome music" Have a great day! Anax Ent

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